Capsicum annuum


BSX 012

• Blocky red type
• It's fruit keeps a very nice and regular shape
• Good coverage and keeps fruits very well
• Heavy yielder of nice red regular fruit, with thick walls and good shelf life
• Average Fruit Size: 9 x 10 cm
• Tolerance to L4

BSX 019

• Lamuyo red pepper type
• Mainly intended for winter growth in the open field when possible
• Good plant vigor that covers and protects the fruits well
• Yields lots of big and nice, regular, thick walled, red pep-pers
• Average Size: 9 x 17 cm
• Tolerant to SW and L1

BSX 025

• Sweet long type
• Rather dark green that turns very nice red when mature
• Thick walled fruit with heavy fruits and very good yield
• Very well suited for fresh market, good shipper, as well as for canning or sauce industry
• Average Size: 5 x 20 cm
• Tolerant to SW and L1

Open pollinated

Variety Maturity Plant habit Fruit shape Fruit size & habit Fruit color Fruit wall Use Remarks
California Wonder 75-80 Vigorous, upright, good cover, 70-75 cm Blocky, 3-4 lobes 8-12 cm pendant Deep green, turning to scarlet Thick F, P High yielder, continuous fruit set. TMV resistant.
Cubanelle 65-70 Bushy, productive, 70-75 cm Long, slightly tapered 15 x 5 cm pendant Yellowish green, turning red Medium thick F, P A long, sweet variety. Good yielder.
Hungarian Sweet Wax 65 Strong, upright, 45-50 cm Long, tapering to a point 15 x 3 cm pendant Waxy yellow, turning crimson red Medium thin F, P Continuous fruit setting. Pickling, market and home garden.
Keystone Resistant Giant 3 (TMR) 72 Upright, very thick stems, 60-65 cm Large, blocky, mostly 4 lobes 10 x 10 cm pendant Glossy, deep green turning red Thick F Slightly earlier than Keystone Resistant Giant. Fruit set more concentrated.
Long Red Marconi 65-70 Large, strong growth, 70-80 cm Long, flat, tapered 22 x 4 cm pendant Yellowish green turning red Medium thick F A high yielding variety, semi-concentrated fruit set.
Sweet Banana 65-70 Sturdy, upright, 45-55 cm Cylindrical, tapering to a point 15 x 4 cm pendant Light yellow to orange red Medium thin F, P Continuous fruit setting. High yields.
Yolo Wonder B Improved (TMR) 72-75 Large, upright, 55-60 cm Bell type, 3-4 lobes 10 x 8 cm pendant Dark green to red Thick F, P, D TMV resistant. Commercial grower variety.