Our history

Almost 4 decades ago a group of experienced seedsmen got together and decided to form a new seed company that could cater to specific requirements, primarily in the export market, paying special attention to the increasing demand for reliable quality seeds.

And so it was that in July of 1978 "Bonanza Seeds" was incorporated, first in San Jose, California, soon after moving to Gilroy, to be able to cope with the successful demand for seeds produced under the watchful eyes of technically experienced seedsmen.

Ten years after its formation the headquarters for Bonanza Seeds was moved to Yuba City, California, in the heart of the Sacramento Valley. From this location we coordinate the seed production in the Sacramento and San Joaquin Valleys in California, as well as in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and Arizona.

We owe our success to the skilled hard work of our partners and employees, and the unparalleled climate for producing, storing, and conditioning vegetable seeds.

Please browse through these pages understanding that the purpose of this website is to provide some information about the characteristics of the varieties we offer.

Climate and soil conditions may influence the performance of most crops and our efforts to select the best possible stockseed may give way to personal preferences in the selection of the stockseed for our production. This phenotypical selection will inevitably lead to genotypical homozygosity that causes some varietal differences when compared to other companies' strains as far as color, shape, and maturity.

We breed and select to improve the traditional varieties and to develop new hybrid and open pollinated varieties that will produce a better crop, hence the success of our seeds which are currently being exported to over 70 countries around the world.

Supplying seeds is a partnership that neither bureaucracy nor man-made laws will ever destroy, for there is an indestructible bond between the seedsman and the consumer that only the miracle of life itself can explain. We are proud that you have considered us to be your supplier. Thank you for your trust and confidence.