Cucurbita spp.


BSX 425

• Uniform medium large fruit
• Large vigorous plant
• Late Maturity: 105 - 110 days
• Compact fruit
• Resistant to cracking of fruits
• Rind: 2 mm
• Brix: 12
• Average Weight: 1.7 - 1.9 kgs
• Long shelf life

BSX 426

• Medium size fruit
• Large vigorous plant with long vine
• Late Maturity: 110 days
• Good quality even fruit
• Tan external color
• Orange internal color
• Blossom Scare End: 2.2 cm
• Brix: 11
• Average Weight: 1.5 - 1.8 kgs
• Long shelf life

BSX 433

• Lebanese Squash with cylindrical shape
• Open plant habit
• Heavy yielder
• Good fruit quality
• Tolerant Against: ZYMV, PRSV, MWV2

BSX 443

• Pumpkin type
• Smooth dark green skin with brown spots
• High flat shape
• Yellow flesh
• Average Weight: 2 - 4 kgs
• Average Maturity: 80 days

Open pollinated

Variety Summer/Winter Days to maturity Plant habit Fruit size Fruit shape Fruit skin Remarks
Black Beauty S 50 Open bush 20 x 5 cm Slightly tapered Dark green glossy Home market and shipping variety. Good flavor.
Caserta S 40 Open bush 12-15 cm Cylindrical, tapered toward stem ends Gray-green striped Early maturing and distinctive. Good for shipping and home.
Crookneck Early Summer Squash S 45 Compact 12-15 cm Curved neck, bulbous at blossom end Light yellow Popular standard variety, mild sweet flavored. Holds and ships well.
Straitneck Early Prolific S 60 Upright 15-20 cm Slightly tapered, cylinder Lemon yellow Popular standard variety. Firm, tender and succulent flesh. Very prolific.
Table Queen Acorn W 85 Vine medium 10-14 cm Acorn shaped, deeply ribbed, pointed toward blossom end Dark olive green Excellent storage, good shipping, good baking quality.
Vegetable Marrow, White Bush S 45 Large 17-20 cm Bulbous Creamy white Excellent flavor, good for stuffing. Best when used before maturity.
Vegetable Spaghetti W 90 Vine 25-30 cm long, 12-15 cm diam. Cylindrical Yellow Yellow tender flesh can be stored into mid winter. Excellent for home and market.
Waltham Butternut W 95 Vigorous vine 20-25 cm long Bottle shaped, elongated pear Tan All purpose variety with medium storage capability.
Zapallito Del Tronco S 50 Upright, bushy 7-10 cm diam. Round Medium green Fresh market and home garden variety. Popular in the southern part of South America.
Zucchini Black S 45 Bushy with heavy cover 15-20 cm long, 5 cm diam. Cylindrical, straight with slight ridging at the stem end Very dark green Ships and stores well. Seeds are distinctively long and narrow.
Zucchini Gray S 50 Open bush 15-18 cm long, 5 cm diam. Almost cylindrical Green with grayish tone Good shipper. High quality flesh. Mild flavor.
Zucchini Round S 45 Vigorous 6-7 cm diam. Globe Greenish gray skin Tasty home garden type. Very productive.
Dark Green Zucchini S 50 Bush, closed habit, spiny 18-22 cm long, 5 cm diam. Cylindrical, smooth Rich dark green Excellent Italian squash flavor. A home and market variety.