Raphanus sativus


BSX 008

• A round globe shape hybrid with very uniform fruits and great plant cover
• Bulb have a dark red color
• Developed for home garden or commercial
• Average plant size: 23 cm
• Average maturity: 25 days
• Tolerant to Splitting and Mildew

Open pollinated

Variety Maturity Foliage Root color Root shape Root flesh Remarks
Champion 25-30 9-15 cm Bright scarlet red Globe Very firm Bunching, mechanical harvest. Holds well in shipping staying crisp and firm. For upland soils and home gardens.
Cherry Belle 20-25 Short, dark green, 6-7.5 cm Bright cherry red Round Firm and crisp Crisp and mild, short tops. Keeps firm for long period. Fine for forcing and home garden use.
China Rose Winter 50-55 Vigorous Deep rose Long, cylindrical, 18 x 5 cm White and crisp Roots store long. Pleasantly pungent.
Comet 25-30 Medium, dark green Bright cherry red Globe to round Very firm and crisp Keeps solid longer than most early globe types. Early bunching.
Crimson Giant 25-30 Long, gray green Bright crimson Round to globe White, very firm and crisp Crisp bulbs to 1.5" diameter with mild flavor. Stands heat better than most varieties.
Early Scarlet Globe Medium Top 23-25 Medium, dark green, 8-10 cm Bright scarlet red Round to globe White and crisp Good outdoor culture. Spring and fall. Very fine bunching variety. Upland and sandy soils.
Sparkler 23-25 Medium green, 12-15 cm Bright scarlet with white tip Round, small top root White, crisp, firm One of the best market varieties. Bi-color.
White Icicle 27-30 Medium-short, 7-10 cm Pure white Long, tapered, 11-15 cm White, crisp, mild Attractive variety for home or market gardens. Roots still crisp when 6" long.
French Breakfast 25 Short foliage, 8-10 cm Rose scarlet with white tip Oblong about 5 cm White, solid and crisp A splendid variety for home garden plantings. Oblong, bi-color.