Cucurbita spp.

Open pollinated

Variety Maturity Shape Size/weight Color Flesh/thickness Remarks
Big Max 120 Round, very large 45 cm diam., 45 Kg Red orange, slightly rough Orange yellow, coarse, stringy Can be used for pies, a relatively uniform variety, attractive appearance for roadside sales. Excellent for carving jack-o'lanterns.
Connecticut Field 100-110 Large, deep globe 30-35 cm, 7-10 Kg Dark orange, smooth Pale orange, thick, coarse Standard field type for roadside stands. Used for pies, canning, livestock, feed or carving jack-o'lanterns.
Halloween/ Jack O'Lantern 100 Almost round 20 x 22 cm, 4-5 Kg Medium orange, smooth Deep yellow, medium thick, large seed cavity Smaller and more uniform than Connecticut Field. Very popular for Halloween decorating. Can be used for pies.
Small Sugar/ New England Pie 90-100 Round with flattened ends 20 x 20 cm, 3-4 Kg Deep orange Orange yellow, thick, very firm An early, productive, general purpose variety. Excellent texture and flavor for canning and pies.