Petroselinum crispum

Open pollinated

Variety Maturity Leaf type Leaf color Remarks
Dark Green Italian 70-75 Large, flat leaved, moderately cut but not curled, 35-40 cm Glossy, dark green A variety with wider and coarser leaves than plain or single. Also, more juice and stronger flavor.
Evergreen Double Curled 70-75 Large, dense foliage, very uniform, curled, finely cut, 25-30 cm Dark green Tolerant to cold weather.
Extra Triple Moss Curled 70 Closely curled and finely cut leaves, 25-30 cm Bright green Most popular variety used for flavoring and garnishing. High yielder.
Plain or Single 70-75 Plain, deeply cut, flat, 25-30 cm Bright Green A standard flat leaved variety. Flavor more pronounced than curled types. Vigorous growth allows for several cuts and high yield.