Solanum melongena var italica

Open pollinated

Variety Maturity Plant habit Fruit characteristics Remarks
Black Beauty 80 Tall and bushy, 60-75 cm Oval to deep globe, rich, dark purple color, 12 x 15 cm A popular home garden and fresh market variety. Long picking period, up to 6 months.
Florida Market 80-90 Vigorous growth, 85-90 cm Oval to teardrop blackish purple, 16 x 10 cm Tolerant to phomopsis (fruit spot). Excellent fresh market variety. High yielder.
Long Purple 70-80 Tall, upright not heavily branched, 80-90 cm Long and slender, rich dark purple, 20 x 6 cm Compact fruit flesh, good quality and flavor. Continuous fruit setter, widely adapted.