Brassica oleracea var. capitata


Cabbage Hybrid Tropical Queen

• Mid-Early Hybrid with outstanding performance under high temperature
• Recommended for early market and home garden
• Head has a semi globe shape with a dark green color
• Average Maturity 60 to 65 days
• Average weight 2kgs

Open pollinated

Variety Maturity Plant habit/color Head characteristics Remarks
Brunswick 85-90 Large ribbed, short stem and frame, gray green Uniform flat, 25-30 cm diam, 2.5-3 Kg A fresh market variety, excellent wrapper. Stores good, suitable for late harvest.
Charleston Wakefield 70-75 Vigorous good foliage, dark green leaves Conical, medium firm, 18x20 cm, 1.5-2 Kg A good home and market variety, early, slow bolting. A favorite in the Southern markets.
Copenhagen Market 65-70 Small, short stem medium frame, light green Round, solid 15-18 cm diam, 1.5-2 Kg Good wrapper leaves, widely adapted variety. Heavy producer.
Early Jersey Wakefield 65-68 Short stem, small leaves, smooth surface, dark green Conical 12-15 cm, 1-1.5 Kg A first early home garden variety-widely adapted, slow bolting. Small plants permit close planting.
Glory of Enkhuizen 75-80 Large size, leaf surface somewhat rough, medium green color Round and hard medium large, 18-20 cm diam, 2-3 Kg Large spreading plant type, good leaf wrapping. Good for home gardeners and kraut.
Golden Acre YR 65-70 Short stem, small frame, smooth leaves, medium green Round, small and firm, 13-15 cm diam, 1-1.5 Kg One of the earliest of the round headed and yellow tolerance varieties. Good for shipping, market and home gardens. FY tolerant.
Mammoth Red Rock 100-105 Large, purplish red, spreading Round, flattened globe, rather firm, 18-20 cm diam, 2-3 Kg Very good storage, home garden and fresh market variety. Good in tropics and sub-tropics.
Oxheart Large 75-80 Vigorous, good foliage, dark green Pointed, 15-18 cm diam, 1.5-2 Kg A good fresh market variety.
Oxheart Medium 60-65 Compact, fair wrapper leaves, blue green Pointed, 12-14 cm diam, .9-1.4 Kg Widely adapted, slow bolting. Excellent early fresh market variety.
Perfection Savoy 85-88 Medium size Savoy Flattened globe, 15-18 cm diam, 3 Kg Widely used. Savoy type holds very well.
Red Acre 75-80 Compact, deep red Round, solid, 15-18 cm diam, 1-1.8 Kg An early red cabbage. Excellent storage and shipping. Holds fairly well without splitting.
Savoy Chieftain 85-90 Savoyed, large frame, short stem, dark olive green Round, flattened with white interior, 18-20 cm diam, 2-2.5 Kg A fresh market and home garden variety. Holds well after maturity. Considered the best of Savoy types.