Beta vulgari



• Beet Hybrid Maravilla Andina is an excellent hybrid beet, selected for summer and fall productions
• Leaves are semi-erect, medium size and glossy green color
• The roots are globe shaped, beautiful red color and have high sugar content
• Used for bunching, greens, root processing and fresh markets
• Highly tolerant to Cercospora, Downy and Powdery Mildews


• This is a great all around beets
• Round shape, rich red color fruit
• Diameter 6-7 cm
• Medium height plant with dark green foliage
• Maturity approximately 75 to 85 days
• Potential to yield up to 68 tons per Ha under desirable conditions

Open pollinated

Variety Maturity Top (foliage) Root Interior (color) Remarks
Crimson Globe 56 35-45 cm Flattened globe, purple red with smooth skin Red, faint zoning A bunching variety adopted to warm climates. Resistant to downy mildew.
Crosby's Egyptian 55 Medium dark green, 35-45 cm Flat globe, deep purple red with small top-root Bright red, indistinctly zoned with a lighter color Widely grown for early market and a bunching beet for summer and fall use.
Cylindra 60 Rich green, 35-45 cm Cylindrical, deep red Deep red, no zoning Recommended for home gardener and food processor as it has a perfect shape for slicing.
Detroit Dark Red (Medium Top) 58 Glossy dark green tinged with maroon, 35-45 cm Globe, dark red, smooth skin, small top-root Deep red, indistinct zoning All purpose garden beet variety. Performs well in cool weather.
Early Wonder Tall Top 52-54 Tall, clear, dark green, 40-48 cm Flat globe, dark red, small top root Deep red with some lighter red zoning This strain has better interior color and it is an improvement over older strains of Early Wonder.
Green Top Bunching 55 Medium, glossy dark green, 30-40 cm Flattened round, dark red Medium bright red with some lighter zoning Heavy green tops, retains fresh appearance well, popular with home and market gardeners.
Ruby Queen 52 Short, dull green tinged with maroon, 25-30 cm Round, dark red, smooth skin, small top-root Uniform medium bright red, faint zoning Excellent canner, fine texture and early.