Phaseolus vulgaris

Open pollinated

Variety Maturity Plant habit Pod shape/size Pod color Pod use Seed color Disease Tol/Res Remarks
Bush Blue Lake 274 55 Vigorous, branched plant Round 15x1 cm Medium dark green F, P White BV1

A heavy yielder with good flavor. Slow to form seed or fiber. Excellent canner and freezer.
Contender 51 Upright, medium green, vigorous 30-40 cm Round, curved tip 17x1.2 cm Medium green stringless F Light brown BV1

Highly prod., fine early fresh market variety. Shows tol. to powdery mildew.
Harvester 53 Upright, medium green 40-55 cm Round, straight 14x1 cm Medium green stringless P White BV1

Pods set high. Good mechanical harvest. Primarily used for shipping and processing.
Provider 50 Good upright with straight pods 35-45 cm Round 13 cm Medium green stringless F, S Purple BV1

An early shipping variety. Good yielder. Tolerance to powdery mildew.
Romano Bush 55 Vigorous growth 40-50 cm Broad, flat 14 cm Medium green F, S Off white   Good freezer and home garden bean. Distinctive flavor.
Bush Romano White Seeded 56 Bushy 40-50 cm Broad, flat 15x2 cm Medium green F White   Mechanical harvest, excellent romano flavor.