Asparagus officinalis


Hybrid UC 157F1

• Market established early variety with great spear quality
• Produce good yield with tight green tipped medium spears
• Early producer predominant in hot climate conditions like California, Peru and Mexico
• Great tolerance to Fusarium and moderate tolerance to Rust

Open pollinated

Variety Remarks
Mary Washington Improved This variety is tolerant to Asparagus Rust and produces plenty of large green spears with just a tint of purple on the tip. Very fine flavor.
UC 157F2 • UC 157F2 is the second generation hybrid produced from the original UC 157, developed and released by the University of California-Davis
• Uniform in color & size, also heavier yields than other commercial varieties
• Maturity and harvest: light cutting in 2 years; regular cutting thereafter
• This variety shows earliness in production
• Some resistance to Fusarium root rot
• Multi-spear initiation (3-5 at a time)
• Stem is dark green color, size 36 - 48 inches